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I’m Jesse – a travel loving, cheap flight hacking, sour patch kid eating human that you might have seen around the web or in real life. I love finding and sharing cheap flights with my Flight Club friends. I grew up in South Africa and have lived all over the United States. My first really, really cheap flight was between NYC and Stockholm for $210 roundtrip!

In 2015, I was trekking in Nepal when a huge 7.8 earthquake rattled the region. I got stuck just below Mt. Everest base camp. It was a life changing experience that made me realize I love seeing the world and experiencing new places. In Nepal, I made the decision to live every day to the fullest and help others see the world, on any budget. Life is too short not too!

I've always loved to travel and obsessively spend hours on hours searching for cheap flights and finding creative ways to utilize frequent flyer points to travel for absolutely free. I'm excited to share my flyer savvy with you!

Follow me on Instagram @jesseneugarten to keep up with my adventures and @dollarflightclub to stay up to date on the flight club!

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  • How do you find all these super cheap flights?

We spend hours and hours searching the worldwide web for them! When we find a really, really cheap one we send it right to you so you can book! Don’t spend weeks searching for cheap airfare, let us do the work.

  • Should I expect a certain amount of deals per week?

It all depends on how many deals there are in a given week. We can't control where and how many deals pop up. However, on average, Premium members will receive 20-35 flight alerts each month.

  • Will there be deals from airports close to me?

Yes! However, we can’t control where deals originate. We search for deals from all airports large and small. If you live close to a smaller or expensive airport, there may just be fewer deals that pop up. It's just the way the cookie crumbles!

  • Where do the deals originate from?

We currently send deals from every country in the world. Wherever you are, we'll find those deals for you.

  • Can you help me find a cheap flight to certain destinations?

Yes, we can! The "Master Wanderer" plan allows you to pick your top 5 dream destinations for us to track and send the best deals.

  • Is my credit card info safe?

Yes. All payments are processed through Stripe and are encrypted.

  • Do you find deals for business and first class as well?

Yes, we do on occasion. We send out business/first class fares to those on the "Master Wanderer" plan, when they pop up. However, they are quite rare.

  • What about cheap domestic flights?

Yes, yes, yes! We don't only do international flights. We know that some of the best deals are right in your backyard.

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